About Us

An emerging urban industrial landscape of India of the early 90's had an immense potential for development and technological advancement. But it thoroughly lacked the required impetus from IT and software sectors. Privatization of the dysfunctional government machinery and industrial automation, which were still in their nascent stages, needed a welcome boost from the emerging computer software sector to fuel their advancement. India wanted to grow and we stepped up to help.

Rite Infotech was started with a vision to develop high quality software solutions for a range of industrial operations, catering to the needs of a plethora of business domains, ranging right from Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Inventory Management to Office tools for HRD functions, Printing Solutions and a variety of others. With an immense aptitude in technology and desire to deliver quality solutions in tangible form, we have proved our mettle by solving the most intricate of business problems with prolific ease. To be fair to ourselves, it is not our technological prowess that delivers impeccable solutions to impossible questions, but our inner drive and inspiration that lets the goodness shine through in the form of unmatched results. We truly believe that impossible is just another word and it always seems so until it's done.